SCEA's projects now address all training solutions to ensure educational efficiency while keeping costs under control. Development of CAT and CBT solutions.

Genuine ranges of educational devices that meet your tutored or autonomous training needs and which, through multimedia interactivity, accumulate between the course and the learner, allows for better appropriation of knowledge. 

Development of e-learning applications: fast learning, Blended learning. 

The current software portfolio is not monolithic. It mixes "ONE on ONE," virtual classes, multichannel asynchronous courses, from webcasts to mobiles. The added value lies in adapting training to managing the company's skills and monitoring learners' acquisitions. Companies thus see the possibility of reducing their training costs for better knowledge acquisition by their employees. 

Développement d’application de formation en réalité virtuelle. 

The intellectual limitations and abilities that define perception, memories, reasoning and environmental representation skills, as well as the study of the learner's workload, must design upstream the usefulness and use of virtual reality solutions for each educational goal to be achieved, consistent with the learning situation and knowledge required. 

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These expertises are aimed at: To training centers and design offices To the production, operations and maintenance managers To business managers In the following areas: Aerospace, space Defence Energy Transport